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Warrior Girl is an art project in progress, ever continuing to exist as a living art project to be both the creator and the creation, personified public art. She's won prestigious awards in San Francisco with the Aerial Action Team and the Society of Superheroes, as well as in Barcelona with her comic book human statue, "The Lady under the Rock." Coming soon to galleries and theatres in the metro D.C. area.

The medium matters

Below are examples of performance art, however, she works with photography, painting, sculpture, multi-media and more!

The Aerial Action Team, The Society of Superheroes, The 24 Hour Community Spacewalk, and The Artists' Collaborative Coalition are all collaborative art projects. Without the number of people that came together to create these numerous pieces, none of these would have existed.
Thanks to all of these amazing contributors, some works have mentions in books.
Tales of SF Cacophony
Tales of San Francisco Cacopohony Society
Edited by: Kevin Evans, Carrie Galbraith, and John Law

Warrior Girl supports organizations that prevent and support victims of domestic violence. She might be able to work with yours too.

What's in a name?

Warrior Girl has many looks as she questions the concept of "permanent" identity, nature vs. nurture, and epigenetics. Warrior Girl As: (fill in the blank) Girl is the usual formula, but there are no rules. And of course she can always portray herself. Selected images above include: Warrior Girl as: Norma Jean McArstarr, Butoh Girl, Rappel Girl, Swat Spice, Trance Girl, NFL Girl, and herself.

How to be your own Superhero is a series of semi-fictional memoirs depicting the mythical epic journey of an art project come-to-life.

Check out the Warrior Girl Chronicles in Print or Ebook

Chronicle 1 - The Ancient Story of the SuperMyth

How to be your own superhero

Chronicle 2 - Listen to the Ancients in Sane Funcisco

how to be your own superhero 2

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Check out what Warrior Girl has to offer from items in her closet! Usually includes unique fashion, costumes, and day-to-day women's and men's clothing.
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About Warrior Girl

She started as a personal empowerment project and turned into a lifelong art project. Her story is one of fantasy mixed with a multi-dimensional reality in an epic journey that spans half of the world.

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Coming Soon

WG will be in the DC area working on some photography projects. She'll be colorful and surprising, of course ;) Selected residuals will show up on this site for sure.

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