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Offering site specific original artworks for over 20 years.

Warrior Girl is available for speaking engagements, site-specific entertainment for events, and more!


Personification: (according to thefreedictionary.com)

"Artistic representation of an abstract object"

Public: (according to visual-arts-cork.com)

Any work of art that is outside and accessible to all

Life: (according to Miriamwebster.com)

"The experience of being alive"

Art: (according to Miriamwebster.com)

"Works created by artists ... that are created to be beautiful or express important ideas or feelings."

Warrior Girl is the fusion of tribalism and technology, dedicated to the interdependent, interactive empowerment of society

Warrior Girl at Spacewalk

Warrior Girl has been seen on stage, street, film, at festivals, and even sports events in Europe, the US and Canada.

Warrior Girl and the Aerial Action Team in Defenestration

Warrior Girl has an MBA, a BFA, a Laughter Yoga certificate, and a Circus Education. Her concepts are lifelong ideas that become "rules to live by," and have their own identities

Warrior Girl as: the girl under the rock

Warrior Girl has worked with groups like the Saltimbankis of Sambi (Spain), Grotest Maru (Germany), BrainstormersFun (USA), and has performed in festivals such as Tollwood Music Festival (Munich), Oerol Performance Festival (Terschelling Island), Burning Man (Nevada), Just for Laughs (Montreal), Festival of San Juan (Bilbao), Marathon Performance Festival (Barcelona), and more!

About Warrior Girl

She started as a personal empowerment project and turned into a lifelong art project. Her story is one of fantasy mixed with a multi-dimensional reality in an epic journey that spans half of the world.

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WG will be in the DC area working on some photography projects. She'll be colorful and surprising, of course ;) Selected residuals will show up on this site for sure.

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